Posted on July 04, 2003

From Marissa (16 year old from New Jersey):

We woke up early on Friday morning to travel five hours to Dallas. On the way, everyone fell asleep so that they could catch up on the z’s they had been missing from the past few days. We then pulled off the road to eat a healthy lunch at Scholotzky’s Deli.

After we refueled, we were ready to learn about JFK at the 6th Floor Museum. The Museum was very powerful. There were several walls dedicated to the legacy JFK left behind. In addition, there were walls that detailed minute by minute the events that ensued after President Kennedy was shot. It was especially moving to see the perch from which Oswald supposedly shot President Kennedy.

After learning about Kennedy’s assassination through the perspective of the public’s knowledge of the event, we went to the Conspiracy Museum. Here, we watched the Zapreuder film of the assassination several times in slow motion. Our tour leader offered several different explanations for that memorable day. He wasn’t forceful with his ideas but allowed us to think whatever we wanted. The main point of the discussion was to remind us not to accept everything fed to us by the media and government but to make sure we think for ourselves.

After a long and exciting day, the excitement continued. For Friday night services, we went to a synagogue that was started by the Gay and Lesbian community in Dallas. The vice president, president, and two members of the synagogue were enthusiastic about talking with us. They shared their experiences about what it was like to be accepted into the Jewish American community as Gay/Lesbians and about what the recent Supreme Court decision means for them and the rest of the country. As the vice president so eloquently put it, “We are now American citizens”..