Posted on June 25, 2004

This morning in Dallas before we met with Operation Rescue, we had our own group discussion on our thoughts and feelings about the abortion issue. We discussed the points and arguments from the pro life and pro choice perspectives. We all learned and prepared for our meeting with Pastor John Reyees who works with Operation Rescue. Pastor John is a passionate Christian who firmly sticks to the Bible and its teachings and laws. Our discussion was a heated one, but he made many good points along with many disturbing ones. He also kept showing us a very disturbing picture of a 21 week old aborted fetus. Billy had been teaching us the importance of listening and discussing issues with people we may disagree with and not just dismissing them or yelling. Billy’s overall point was that one does not have to make others wrong in order for you to be right and that it is good to engage in discussion with those who view things differently than we do.

After our meeting with Pastor John we took a collective deep breath and went to lunch. After lunch we walked to the grassy knoll in Dealy Plaza, the sight of the John F. Kennedy assassination. We sat and had a talk about life in the early 1960s and the impact Kennedy’s presidency had on the country and young people.

We then explored the Sixth Floor Museum which is in the building where the shooting allegedly occurred. The museum also taught us the high and lows of Kennedy’s life and administration and ended with teaching us about his death. To answer many of the questions surrounding his death, we went to the Conspiracy Museum which made us really think. The guide took us on a walking tour of the Dealy Plaza and showed us where many of the people and events surrounding the various conspiracies were on November 22, 1963.

After having dinner in the historic Westend district we went to a Gay and Lesbian Reform Synagogue for Friday night services. We participated in their services and, afterwards, had a discussion on the current state of issues effecting homosexuals…from the war on AIDS, to Judiasm’s view on homosexuality to the current debate on gay marriage. After hearing some of the congregants stories of violence and discrimination they experienced as homosexuals, we started to discuss ways to help make the world a more tolerant place. We all felt so warmly welcomed by the congregation and enjoyed making new friends and praying together.


Grassy Knoll with Billy

Tour of Grassy Knoll

Picket Fence

Conspiracy Theorist

Operation Rescue

Beth El Binah.