Posted on June 24, 2004

From Josh Deyoung & Josh ‘dubi’ Dubin:

After three day on the road, it feels like we have been friends for so long. We started the morning by going to Graceland. The flashy mansion that Elvis bought for $100,000 which including 14 acres of land back in 1957. After exploring Elvis’s house, we were to see Elvis’s grave in his mediation garden next to his mother, father and grandmother. We were moved by the thought of Elvis’s twin brother who died at stillbirth and thought what would have happened if that was Elvis, and how that would have changed the way rock ‘n roll shook out.

Walking into the Kings Castle at Graceland

We then traveled down the road, to where Elvis’s recording career started, at Sun Studio. We all agree that we could feel the magic standing in the studio where Elvis began his career and the story of Sam Philips. Our electrifying tour guide; Elderado (yes that his real name) was so full of passion and love for music that we found ourselves mesmerized by the Rock and Roll.

Outside Sun Studio

In the Recording Room

Daniel and the King

Lunch in a Flash

After scarfing down a quick lunch of subs we drove over to the civil rights museum at the old Lorain Motel, in Memphis where Dr. King was killed. We learned about the civil rights movement from its beginning with slavery in the 1600’s to where we have progressed as a society today. Many fellow Etgarians mentioned becoming teary eyed while they stood by the room where Dr. King was assassinated. Being in the actual Lorain Hotel in Memphis made it all the more powerful. We spoke with a lady, Jacquelyn Smith, who was once a resident of the hotel (it was a place for homeless to live), since 1977 until she was forced out in 1988 for the museum. She strongly argued that it should be a homeless shelter and has been protesting the museum, by sitting at the street corner for well over 16 years.
We then traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas, the home of former President Bill Clinton, on the travel we all took a nap in the bus and caught up on some rest. Upon arriving to Little Rock, we went to Central High School, where the infamous Little Rock 9 and school segregation faced off. We sat and had an amazing discussion in front of the school talking about racism in our schools and how we have evolved and what still needs to be done. We went on to discuss the different levels of government looking at how the federal, state and local levels interact and why it works like this. While we sat and discussed the Little Rock 9 we had a chance for each of us to open up, and the talk brought our group even closer.

Our discussion out side Central High School

School in the Summer?

We then finished the evening by eating at “Doe’s” steak house. This landmark restaurant is where the Clinton campaign in 1992 often frequented and worked on strategy sessions. We ordered our steaks by the pound and enjoyed every bite. Then we asked to see the power room where the team actually worked in during the campaign. When we walked into the back room through the kitchen there were some CEO’s in the back enjoying a nice meal.

What a Night in Little Rock

Today was packed but amazing. Every second of it was so informative and we learned so much from every stop, bringing us another day and 2 cities closer to truly finding and understanding our place in America. To sum up our day and trip so far, we end with this quote from Josh Dubin who was asked by one of the CEO’s at Does what he wanted to get out of this trip, his response ” We are learning what it is to be an American..