Posted on July 04, 2004
Zion National Park, Part 2

From Danielle Ladin:

Today was a nature lovers paradise. This morning we drove from our hotel to Zion National Park. We met up with our tour guide Ilene. She was very nice and knowledgeable about the park, the animals, the rock formations and the vegetation.

First we went on a two mile hike that ended in a place called the narrows which is where two sides of the canyon come together. We spoke about water issues and conservation. Then we went on another hike up a steep hill and to a beautiful waterfall. The view was incredible and we took advantage of the photo opportunities.

From the park we went to lunch in the town of Springdale where we met a group of Jewish teens from a camp in Detroit that were on a camping trip through the west. Then we went back to our hotel for some down time. Everyone got to have time to themselves to swim, read, sleep or just reflect.

This evening we cooked out again and had chicken burritos, watermelon and cookies. After we cleaned up from dinner we went to a nearby mountaintop where we watched some fireworks from a nearby town. Then we went a little higher and laid down to watch the stars. We were away from lights and other city distractions so the sky was very clear and the stars were really bright. We listened to some music from Billy’s IPOD and Josh DeYoung played his guitar. We all saw some satellites and the stars were incredible.

On the walk back down the mountain we saw the moon come up from behind a mountain and it was the brightest moon I’ve ever seen. Tonight’s stargazing was an experience I will never forget.

Etgar 36 at Zion National Park

Getting an education on nature, preservation and water issues from the nature guide.

Taking a break during the hike

Matt & Daniel at the end of one of our hikes

Danielle, Josh and Alex resting

Maybe the heat got to them