Posted on July 03, 2004
Zion National Park

Today we journeyed from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park. The scenery is just beautiful. We had a very relaxing afternoon and evening. We were able to swim & play miniature golf for a few hours in the afternoon.

At sunset we had our Friday night services. We discussed Reconstructionist Judaism and their beliefs. The founder of the movement Mordechai Kaplan believed that God is where you find spirituality and you bring God into the world by living a good and moral life. He once said that God can be proven by nature and seeing a sunset. So surrounded by the incredible scenery, we talked about our belief in God, spirituality and what Judaism means to us.

Then we had some time to go off individually and just sit and think/meditate and/or pray. It was a great Friday night service. Each Friday night we will experience a different branch of Judaism. Last week in Dallas we were at a Reform service, next week in San Francisco we will try a Zen Synagogue, in New York we will go to Bnai Jeshurun, a Conservative shul and in DC we will go to a modern Orthodox synagogue. We grilled out for dinner and it was a nice change from always being at a restaurant.

On Saturday we are going hiking in Zion National Park and then enjoy a relaxing afternoon. At night we will cook out again and then go to into the mountains away from the town lights and go star watching. We will celebrate the 4th of July on Sunday at the Grand Canyon!

Some musical entertainment on the bus as we head to Zion

Lisa, Matt and Daniel on the bus

Daniel, Josh and Aaron playing some golf

The rest of the group swam.