Posted on July 20, 2005

From Tami Cohen & Daniel Bressler:

We made it to Chicago! After breakfast on Monday, we made our way to the top of the Sears Tower where we caught an overcast glimpse of the magnificent Chicago skyline and surrounding lakeshore area.

From the Sears Tower we met up with Carlton and the bus and headed to Ginos East for some delicious Chicago deep dish pizza.

After lunch we went to the University of Illinois – Chicago. Where we spoke with Bill Ayers a former member of the Weather Underground.

They were a group of radical young adults who blew up buildings to protest the Vietnam War and the treatment of minorities in America. They were forced to go underground to avoid arrest. Mr. Ayers spoke to us about his experiences with the Weathermen, current events, foreign policy, violence vs. non violence, activism and how we need to be involved.

After this meeting we went to the Chicago Historical Society where we saw an exhibit called “Without Sanctuary”. It contains postcards and photographs taken at a number of lynchings from 1850 – 1960. The only non black lynching that we saw was of Leo Frank. We then headed to the shore of Lake Michigan where we relaxed and took in our serene surroundings.

The group then split up for dinner at either a Thai restaurant or a Panera Bread store. After dinner we went to Wrigleyville and walked around famed Wrigley Field – home of the Chicago Cubs. Improv Comedy was our next adventure at the Improv Olympix. We had a hilarious night!

On Tuesday, we began our day by meeting with Professor Craig Lamay. He is a Professor of Journalism at the Medill School at Northwestern University. He talked with us about the recent outing of a CIA agent and the issues surrounding confidential sources.

We also spoke about the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech in America. We then went into downtown Evanston and had lunch at Flattop. After lunch, we went downtown and spent some time exploring all kinds of art at the Chicago Art Institute.

It was hard to pull many of us out of there! We then walked into Grant Park and spoke about the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention. After our discussion, Billy played us Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changin”. We discussed the meaning of the lyrics and the importance Dylan had on the 1960s.

We ended our stay in Chicago by strolling on Michigan Avenue and doing some shopping. At 6 PM, we got on the bus and started making our way to Akron for our next day..