Posted on July 12, 2005
Zion National Park

From Daniel Weissglass:

Today we drove from Salt Lake City to Hurricane Utah—a small town 30 minutes outside of Zion National Park. When we got to Hurricane, we had some free time at the hotel because it was too hot to actually hike in Zion safely.

When we got to Zion, we saw that the park was stunning, the red rock cliffs rising from the sun-striped rocks drew forth some deep set awe from within me.

We hiked through parts of the park and the scenery was incredible. After we finished the hike, we talked about spirituality and where we thought our spirituality lied and what God and Judaism means to us. Billy told us to go find a spot for ourselves and spend some quiet time alone connecting to our spirituality.

After our meditation of sorts, we returned to the hotel where we grilled dinner. After dinner we held Friday night services and discussed the Reconstructionist movement. It was an interesting discussion but I didn’t agree with many of the points made. Overall the day was very interesting and the theme seemed to be either the different points of views on spirituality or the connection between the spirit and nature.