Posted on June 29, 2006

From Rebecca Feinman:

Today we started the day in an odd way. To prepare for our meeting with the Pro Life group in Dallas, we had a great group discussion on the pros and cons of abortion. While the discussion was really great it was odd that the only shaded place big enough to house us was the patio of a Hooters that was next to our hotel. They were closed but allowed us to use their patio. As Billy said “This may have been the most intelligent conversation to ever happen at a Hooters”. There seemed to be no pro-life participants on this Etgar 36 trip.

We then drove for four hours to Dallas. On the bus a majority slept and viewed the outstanding movie “Garden State”. As we entered the city of Dallas, an energy filled the bus. We were anxious to speak with the Pro-Life organization. We met them in an enormous church. A man and a woman from the Dallas Pro-Life Committee met with us and shared their conviction on why abortion should be illegal. They started by showing us a nine minute video of the effects of abortion. While not everyone could watch the gruesome scenes, it did not help persuade many of our pro-choice participants. Our one hour meeting turned into two as we go into a deep and sometimes heated exchange of ideas, thoughts and questions While most of our minds were not changed, many of us expressed that we now understand where the Pro-Life group is coming from and we can appreciate their views without having to accept them.

It was then time to go learn about President John F. Kennedy and his fateful day in Dallas on November 22, 1963. We went to the Sixth Floor Museum to see and hear about his assassination. After this museum we went to the Conspiracy Museum to hear about all the theories surrounding the assassination. That museum was one of the most entertaining and mysterious one we have seen so far.

We celebrated our first Shabbat together by going to Beth El – Binah, a Reform Gay and Lesbian Synagogue. Our Shabbat was jovial and humbling as many races, sexualities, and backgrounds prayed and ate together. A family bond was formed as we spoke with the members about the issues they face as gay Jews.

It seems as if all the questions we started the day with were never truly answered… pro choice or pro-life? Who shot JFK? Why is there still so much ignorance in today’s society? The answer we learned was not a black and white one but gray. The truth can only be found in each one of us.

P.S. Everything really is bigger in Texas!