Posted on July 06, 2006
Zion National Park

From Ed Long:

We were able to sleep later today as we had a more relaxed day today. On the bus ride to Zion National Park I was able to really soak up the vastly different landscape in contrast to my home state, Minnesota’s, tine hills and buildings. The orange and brown covered hills and flat plateaus were mesmerizing to me. I also had a turning point in relation to the trip. I now felt that it was slowly coming to an end since I am only on the 22-day trip.

When we got to Zion National Park we took a shuttle to one of the walking paths. The weather was fantastic… cooler than expected. On the ride, I was blown away by the beautiful scenery of the Canyon walls coupled with the swamp like wildlife. I was a little disappointed with the path itself as it was paved and felt man made. I enjoyed hearing about the issue of water rights by our tour guides. I had never really thought of the issue and was worried to know that the small water shortages in Colorado and nearby states could be extrapolated to much larger scales across the world. For example, because of waste and tremendous growth, Las Vegas could be out of water in 2018 unless they change the way they use water. I believe that this is a very pressing issue since all life forms require water to live.

After driving back to the hotel, we held a Friday night Reconstructionist service in a near by park. I did not know some of the beliefs of this movement and found myself drawn to it. Overall, the service was great because it was more meaningful to me than the normal services I go to. We actually discussed what the prayers actually meant. After that we returned to the hotel for a dinner of BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs. After some free time, I went to sleep thinking of going to the Grand Canyon.