Posted on July 06, 2007
Zion National Park

By Leah Berryhill

Today, we woke up in Salt Lake City and drove to our destination, Zion National Park. On the way, we stopped for lunch and then made it to the beautiful park. When we arrived we filled up our water bottles and set out for a small hike.

Even though I have been to Zion before with my family, this time I was able to really get another look at the place I consider one of the most gorgeous in America. Our hike was led by the Zion Science Center and they split us into groups, got us into shuttles and drove into the Canyon. We got off the shuttles and began our 2 mile hike along the Virgin River.

Our guides not only talked about the history and formation of Zion National Park, but also, they discussed the issue of water conservation. Since I live on the East Coast, I had no idea that water was an issue. I now see it in a whole new light.

After the hike, we drove towards our hotel and stopped at a local park where we had Friday Night Services which were steeped in the theme of Reconstructionist Judaism. It was a very nice laid back service. After services, we went to the hotel and had a cookout for dinner. After dinner we had time to cool off in the pool and then wrapped up the day by talking about the past 2 days.