Posted on July 09, 2010
Zion National Park

By Joe Kallman

Every time I step outside of my house into nature, I never stop to look around at what the world has to offer. Going to Zion National Park today really helped me see the true beauty and amazement of our world.  The wind flowing through me, the animals running around, people playing in the streams, our talks about water conservation and rock formations, and the sun beaming on the aged rocks really got to me. It was not just a sit and hear about nature but, rather, it was a place to see and experience.  We hear about things that are affecting our earth and the corruption we are doing to it. Being in Zion Park made me realize that nature plays a huge role in my life and I need to preserve it. I ask all of you that read this to not watch or just read about these magnificent places but to visit them.

Shabbat services in the park