Summer 2005

From Daniel Weissglass: Today we drove from Salt Lake City to Hurricane Utah—a small town 30 minutes outside of Zion National Park. When we got to Hurricane, we had some free time at the hotel because it was too hot … Read more »

From Alex Schneider: Welcome to Utah! On each of our minds was the realization that we had successfully arrived in a new state after a long night ride on our bus. With few exceptions, the night was anticipated with much … Read more »

From Arielle Roberts: Today we drove from Dodge City to Denver. When we first got to town, we walked around the Lo-Do area and do some shopping and get a feel for downtown Denver. That night, we went to Folsom … Read more »


From Stephanie Quintero & Alex Ingber: We began our day with a trip to the Woman’s Museum in Dallas. The Museum was filled with memorabilia and personal items from the women of the equal rights era. The Museum left us … Read more »



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From David Bucholtz: We met in the lobby of the Double Tree Hotel at 8 AM to have a “talk”. Rachel and Dusty, two of our staff members, brought up the issue of abortion and we began a give and … Read more »

From Shira Hinds: Our journey so far has been incredible! We began today with a ride from Birmingham to Tupelo. We stopped in Tupelo to see Elvis Presley’s birthplace. We had a nice discussion about how rock and roll impacted … Read more »

From Ben Tepfer: “Sweet Home Alabama!” As we crossed the state line into Alabama from Georgia, that song echoed through the bus. We arrived in Montgomery and there we continued our journey. The first thing we did was stand at … Read more »


From Justin Levy: Saul Bellows said “In the warmest of hearts, there is a cold spot for the Jews”. This idea led us to our first meeting of our journey with Dale Schwartz and Rabbi Steven Lebow, two researchers and … Read more »



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From group leader Billy Planer: FIRST DAY! Well it is midnight in Atlanta and the kids have been checked into their hotel rooms. The day was a great start to what will be a fantastic journey. The kids are good … Read more »

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