Etgar 36

Day 6 – Dallas and Oklahoma City – By Jonathan Tonis

This morning, we began in Dallas with a short drive to the same community center we visited for services the night prior. While there, we had an in depth discussion about the pros and cons of gun control in America. This discussion helped us prepare for our gun control discussions on later dates. Gabe led the discussion and helped us look at both sides of the issue, although many of us already had opinions going into the discussion.

Next, we took a long drive from Dallas to Oklahoma City. In Oklahoma City, we learned about the bombing there in 1995. We saw the memorial to the victims and survivors as well as talking to a park ranger.  She told us about the circumstances surrounding the bombing and the legacy of it. After, Lee informed us of the many conspiracy theories that came about involving the bombing.

After we had dinner, we had time to wind down with a few games of bowling. This gave us an opportunity to relax without thinking critically.

Finally, we went back to the memorial. It was much more powerful at night than during the day. It was a time for us to think more about what it actually signified. To some it seemed like a different experience, and to some, like a different memorial. To me, seeing the memorial at night and our conversations there were life changing.

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