Etgar 36

Day 17 – Santa Bararba to San Francisco – Ty Cantor

Today we drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco. During our drive we stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch. After that we had a long drive until we made it to the heart of Northern California. Finally, we arrived in San Francisco! This would be the last hotel for some of us on this trip. This hotel was different from others because it only fits two people, but it is one of the nicest hotels we have had on this trip.

For dinner we went to this amazing Chinese restaurant called House of Nanking where the chef picked out a fantastic meal just for our group!

After dinner we went to City Lights, a book store where the beatniks started. We roamed around there for a while and looked for books, and many of us headed straight for the poetry section where we found books by many of the poets we discussed back in Colorado.

Then we walked back to hotel to rest up and get ready to take on the city!