Etgar 36

Day 22 – Chicago – By Brandon Kaplan

We started off the day with a very hearty breakfast at the hotel. Then we all jumped onto the bus and headed to our first speaker of the day.

Our meeting was at Northwestern University with former Dean John Levine. He spoke to us about the future of technology, and how it would affect our lives as well as how to be savvy consumers of media and news. He also touched upon Internet safety, and how nothing can really be deleted from the Internet. Once the information is out there, it’s out there. Mr. Levine gave us some good insight into products that were going to be big soon, notably Google Glass and smart watches. We learned how to filter through the thousands of sources of news and how to find our truth.

After our meeting, we spent some free time in the town of Evanston. I was inspired by the Poetry Slam we went to last week, so I went looking for a book on the subject that I had seen back home. I looked for a while, but I never found it, so I met back up with the group. Once everyone was together, we headed off to lunch, which was some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza.

Next we visited the Chicago Teacher’s Union. We discussed their views on tenure, teachers strikes, and school quality. This was another view on Education Reform that we began to discuss in Los Angeles. Many of the schools in Chicago don’t have new materials or updated technology. The  CTU is working on fixing these issues as well as represent teachers.

Before leaving Chicago, we stopped off in Grant Park, where Billy gave us a lesson on the 1968 Democratic convention riots, which occurred after the death of Robert Kennedy. We discussed this historic event in Grant Park where it actually happened. We ended by listening to Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A’ Changing”. Then, we got back on the bus, and moved on to Ohio. We had a long ride ahead of us, but finally stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel. After dinner, we watched “School of Rock” on the bus to prepare for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow. We had an awesome time in Chicago, but I’m really looking forward to Cleveland!