Etgar 36

Day 22 – Kent State & Cleveland – By Ben Forman

Our day started with a bright and early 7:00 wakeup followed by an approximately 2 hour drive to Kent, Ohio to speak with Alan Canfora on the Kent State campus about the events that transpired there on May 4th, 1970. Alan was a student and activist at Kent State in 1970 and was a survivor of the shootings.

We walked around the area where the student protests started and where the national guard troops marched from and started throwing tear gas. Then we walked up to the hill overlooking the area where some students gathered after they were dispersed previously. He Alan walked us through where the troops started opening fire on him and other students and discussed the aftermath of the shooting. It was amazing to stand where the students stood and look out at the now peaceful campus where such chaos transpired.

After meeting with Alan we had Penn Station sandwiches for lunch and then hopped back on the bus for an hour half ride to Cleveland.

In Cleveland,  we visited the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum which was very cool and we all enjoyed it very much. There was a special exhibit about the Rolling Stones, and there were also exhibits on the evolution of rock, and the artifacts of rock and others that highlighted some of the all time greatest bands in rock history.

After we spent two hours at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, we got back on the bus and picked up dinner at Melt, a grilled cheese restaurant, and then spent the next couple of hours on the bus driving to our hotel for the night in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

Today was an amazing blend of fun and education, and we were all shocked when Billy told us that is one of our last slower days before we hit the east coast and the pace starts to pick up. It didn’t feel very slow at all!