Etgar 36

Day 26 – New York City – By Scott Horowitz

In conclusion of our stay in New York City, we spoke with Scott Fried who educated us about the dangers of HIV and other STIs. As a man living with HIV, he also had many life lessons to share with the group. It was a powerful morning in which we learned about taking care of ourselves, respecting ourselves and others, and that we are enough to change the world.

We then took a break for lunch. Many of us chose to go to a restaurant that Oprah Winfrey claims serves the absolute best pizza in NYC. The pizza was great, but I am not sure if it really lived up to Oprah’s claim.

We then went back to listen to Scott Fried some more. In this part of the discussion, he explained how to properly put on a condom, and demonstrated using a cucumber. He then had us form groups of five and do a relay race where we would race to finish applying a condom to a cucumber. The first group to complete five would be considered winners congratulations to the team that was victorious!

We concluded our stay in NYC by visiting Union Square. Union Square was a great place to walk around in. There were a variety of street vendors and performers. These performers ranged from a jazz quartet, to bagpipes, to a drumming duet.
We then met up with the bus and hit the road. We were unable to get to Providence, RI in time for dinner due to traffic, so we stopped for dinner in New Haven, CT near Yale. We arrived at the hotel and went to bed looking forward to a great day tomorrow in Boston.