Etgar 36

Day 27 – Boston – By Josh Bernstein

Coming into Boston from New York, I was expecting to receive the same hot and humid weather we had experienced in NYC. But when we started our journey in Boston on Monday morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the cool breeze and a break from the humidity.

We began our time in Boston by going to Walden Pond. We discussed how Henry Thoreau deliberately lived in the woods. After walking on a trail around the pond, we arrived at a clearing. Gabe gave some background about Thoreau’s life, and then we went around in a circle and read various quotes from Thoreau. I particularly enjoyed this time at Walden Pond because not only did we get the chance to share our thoughts on the quotes, but we also discussed how these quotes related to our Etgar experience.

Following our talk at Walden Pond, we went over to Harvard Square where we had free time to experience the area. it was a really great place to hang out, embrace this part of town, and eat lunch.

After our free time, we met with Steven Schnapp from United for a Fair Economy who discussed wealth distribution in the United States. While I was aware that unequal distribution of wealth was an issue, prior to the discussion I did not fully understand the percentage of the world’s money that belongs to the top 1%.

We then headed to the Freedom Trail where we walked through it and then discussed how an idea can turn into a revolution.