Etgar 36

Day 28 – Providence & Philadelphia – By Abby Blum

Today was a day of rest as we made our way from Boston to Philadelphia. With all of the nonstop touring we’ve been doing over the weeks, taking a day to relax on the bus was much needed. Of course we did make some awesome stops, starting with Providence, RI. I loved taking free time on Thayer Street and seeing all of the local shops, as well as experiencing the urban feel of Brown University.
Later we arrived in the birth place of our country, Philadelphia, and had dinner on South Street, which was almost deserted and very quiet. In the “city of brotherly love” we ate amazing cheese steaks and topped the meal off with frozen yogurt from a local shop. It was incredible that in just a few hours we could go from state to state, and already feel the atmospheres changing drastically between places. One of my favorite parts of the trip so far is probably tasting foods from each state we’ve been in, and noticing how they compare to and differ from one another. Finally, after a long drive we reached the Wyndham Hotel where we rested up for our huge day to come!