Etgar 36

Day 29 – Philadalphia & Washington D.C. – By Amanda Rosner

This morning we started our day in Philadelphia with a trip to the National Constitution Center. I absolutely love learning about US history and US government, and as a constitution obsessed citizen, this trip felt like a pilgrimage to me. The museum went in depth about all 7 articles of the constitution, and about the Bill of Rights and all other amendments. The museum gave me an in depth view into all three branches of government. The museum covered the powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, but what interested me the most was the information about the impact of US Supreme Court cases.The National Constitution Center also had a special exhibit on
the year 1968. It was great to learn about a year that was so influential in changing American history.

Following our museum trip, we saw the Liberty Bell. I had already seen the Liberty Bell and remembered being quite underwhelmed by its small stature. Regrettably, the same thing happened today.

We also saw the statue dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Netanyahu, who was killed during the raid on Entebee. Billy taught us the unbelievable story of that event.

For lunch, we went to the Reading Terminal Market, where many Temple University football players were working, cooking alongside the Amish community.

Since we were in Philadelphia, it was a must to reenact one of the iconic scenes from “Rocky.” Regrettably, we did not drink our eggs for breakfast, but we did run up the steps of the Art Museum.