Etgar 36

Day 30 – Washington D.C. – By Julia Stern

For our first full day in Washington DC, we started with a meeting with Greenpeace an organization that works to protect the environment. We talked with Bill Richardson about peaceful protest and how the organization started years ago. With creative confrontation, Greenpeace has been able to make many companies turn to better developmental strategies and manufacturing processes for their own products. After the meeting, we went into Chinatown for lunch.

Our next meeting was with Congressman John Lewis. He has been a civil rights activist since his involvement with Martin Luther King and was a very inspirational speaker. He spoke with us about the importance of a vote and about the recent voting rights decision handed down by the Supreme Court. It was incredible to hear him talk about the Civil Rights era as well as what is going on today regarding Civil Rights. He answered all of our questions about his thoughts on the various issues we have been discussing. He was so honest and open to sharing his opinions.

Our next meeting was with J Street, where we spoke Sam and Jacob about Israel. We learned about their organization and how they want a 2 state solution for the Palestinians and Israelis. We also discussed the relationship between Israel and America.

After a long day of meetings, we had a free time in Georgetown for dinner. We were reunited with two of the 22 day kids.

Overall it was a very informative day and made us challenge our previous thoughts.

Video clips of Rep. John Lewis speaking to Etgar 36:

About his voting card being one of the most important thing he has:

About Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement:

About the importance of voting: