Etgar 36

Day 34 – Washington D.C., Heading South – By Brandon Kaplan

We started off our last full day early, packed the bus, and headed off to our last meeting. We met with Steve Azerkoff from AIPAC, the Pro-Israeli lobbyist group. AIPAC’a main goal is to show American support to all Israeli decisions. Currently they are hoping for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via a two-state solution, but Steve acknowledged that it might not be realistic. AIPAC also lobbies for American intervention in the Iranian nuclear issue, as well as continued foreign aid to Israel.

After our final meeting, we hopped back onto the bus for a long drive into North Carolina. On the bus, we watched the classic Back to the Future. Unlike Doc Brown, where we were going, we needed roads.

We finally reached the hotel a little after 7, where we had free time until 8. Then we ate a healthy dinner of pizza and chicken wings. Dinner ended, and we had some more free time before our trip wrap-up. At this wrap-up, we reflected on the entire experience, and how we felt about Etgar. It’s crazy how time works. It seems like just yesterday we were grabbing Froyo in Decatur, but Beale Street seems like forever ago.

Then we were let go, and allowed a little more free time before bed. No one seemed sad. In fact, it was almost unreal. It didn’t feel like it was the last night. As Eric Saperston told us on our very first night, the journey isn’t over until we go home and think about it. And of course, the real journey is just beginning. The real journey starts when we use what we’ve learned this summer, and it won’t end for a very long time.