Etgar 36

Day 13-Grand Canyon-by Seth Hochman

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We started off by waking up around 8AM and then boarding the bus to roll out for the Grand Canyon at 9AM. We had a decently lengthy ride to the park, but it was definitely worth it. We stopped for lunch when we reached the glorious North Rim, where I was able to enjoy some pizza before our hike. After a short opportunity to go gift shopping, we finally set off on a hike around the North Rim which totaled to about three miles. It was full of beautiful views and great spots to take in the magnificence of the Grand Canyon.











On our way back, we all stopped and chose a place to sit and reflect on ourselves and the magnificent views surrounding us. We concluded our reflection period with a great conversation about our views on spirituality and the power of one in the world. We concluded our hike by following the same route back to the North Rim Lodge.











After a last, but important, visit to the water fountains, we started our drive back to St. George, Utah, which was full of conversation, and even a movie. We stopped for dinner at “Panda Garden,” a Chinese restaurant that served plenty of delicious food.








The night concluded with some free time and by viewing a documentary named I Am. Directed by Tom Shadyac, it discussed the power of the individual in our society, as well as interconnectedness between everything living. Another topic which stood out to me was the importance of love and compassion in all of this. The film, which Billy spoke very highly of before showing it to us, gave us this truly powerful message.