Etgar 36

Day 16-Los Angeles-by Jack Wyman

Today marked the day Etgar 36 completed its journey from East Coast to West Coast! After waking up in Las Vegas, we made the four hour trip to Los Angeles. Our first stop of the day was at Peggy Sue’s 1950s diner, where we had a nice brunch. We enjoyed a variety of delicious breakfast or lunch entrees, as well as a colorful gift shop.

To pass time for the remaining couple of hours on the bus, we watched the academy award winning film Crash. Billy told us it was a great preparation for our visit to Los Angeles, and it was definitely a highlight.


Upon our arrival in LA, we spoke to a climate control expert named Jim Stewart from the Sierra Club. Contrary to our conversation with Jim Pfaff back in Colorado Springs, Jim believed that humans do indeed have an impact on the Earth’s climate. He explained that humans’ overuse of fossil fuels has induced a greenhouse gas effect which has led directly to global warming. To support this claim, Jim showed us pictures of the ice caps ten years ago, as well as photos from today. The photographs from today showed the ice to be much smaller than a decade ago, which really stood out to me. He explained that global warming caused by humans poses a tremendous threat in the future because ninety percent of the CO2 released by humans is absorbed by the ocean. We learned that once this percentage begins to drop, U.S. coastal cities could potentially be underwater. It is interesting and even frightening to me as a citizen of suburban New York City that within the next century, my city could potentially be destroyed due to my actions today. It made me agree with his points and want to take action. Jim stated that for global warming to be stopped, 84 percent of the world’s remaining fossil fuels must remain untouched. In order to accomplish this, people need to be educated, aware, and willing to utilize materials that are not dependent on fossil fuels.


After our meeting with Jim Stewart, we headed to the Grove for dinner. Part of Etgar 36 is to explore what is unique and fascinating about each individual city, so I enjoyed the free time we had there. It was very cool to experience this part of Los Angeles, as well as fill our bellies with delicious food.






We finished the day off by attending a poetry slam at Da Poetry Lounge. We were able to listen to young and inspiring artists perform their poems in a competition. One of my favorite poems was about a woman’s struggle with her weight and body image. It took a lot of courage to go up in front of a room full of people and talk about such a difficult issue. I am so glad that I was able to experience my first poetry slam with Etgar 36.











Today was certainly a great and memorable day!

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