Etgar 36

Day 4-Memphis and Little Rock-by Justin Baronoff

Today was a great adventure! We began in Memphis for a second day, visiting Elvis’ mansion Graceland. The whole place was very exciting. My favorite part of the house was Elvis’ racquetball room, where he would hang out and play games. This is where Elvis’ costumes, records, and awards were shown, which was both amusing and amazing to see.








Next, we went for lunch at the famous Rendezvous off of Beale Street for some ribs. In my opinion, they were the greatest ribs I had ever eaten! It was a highlight of the day for sure.


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Following lunch, we went to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine motel. It was very interesting to take in the room where Martin Luther King Jr. stayed before he got shot, as well as going onto a replica bus which recreated Rosa Park’s famous stand. It was amazing to look into her eyes and know that in that moment, she was about to change history. Right across the street was the Legacy part of the museum, which went into more depth about the MLK Jr. shooting and the prime suspect of the shooting, James Earl Ray.

On the same street as the museum, we met up with Jacqueline Smith, a woman who lived in the Lorraine motel for 15 years before being evicted. She has been protesting for over 20 years since then in an effort to stop gentrification. It was interesting to hear her perspective that the museum has initiated this process in her community.


We left Memphis at this time, crossing the Mississippi River on our way to Little Rock, Arkansas. Our first stop in Little Rock was at Central High School, where we talked about the Little Rock Nine, as well as the powers of state government versus federal government.











After this, we went back to the hotel, where we had time to hang out by the pool and eat dinner. Then we had a discussion about abortion in the United States, led by Kiki. We talked about where we stood on topics involved with this issue, which initiated plenty of discussion on the bus afterwards. It was great preparation for our meeting with Pro Life Texas tomorrow.


DSC04802DSC04808Another thing we got to do in Arkansas was visit THE little rock which everyone was exhilarated to see, but turned out not to be that little of a rock after all!

We concluded the day with a wrap-up along the Arkansas River, which was fantastic. I can’t wait for tomorrow to be in Dallas for the 4th of July!

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