Etgar 36

Day 7-Dodge City-by Zack Zand

To start off the day, Kiki led a discussion about the environment. During this talk, we discussed current issues such as global warming, pollution, and sources of energy. This will get us ready for when we meet with both climate change deniers and the Sierra Club.

When the conversation concluded, a bunch of us sat down to watch the Wimbledon final for a few minutes, which was a good time. Finally, around 10AM, we boarded the bus to venture on to Dodge City, Kansas.

During the trip, we watched the film Bowling for Columbine in preparation for our discussion on gun control and gun rights in the coming days. Something that stood out to me was when the director went with two victims, one paralyzed and one badly injured, to a Kmart, the store from which the offenders bought their bullets. Together, they sent out a powerful message, and got the store to discontinue their sale of 9mm ammunition.

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After a long stretch of driving, we stopped at a big field along the side of the road in Oklahoma. Everyone got to stretch and run around a little bit, which was nice. It was also a great way for a group of teens from mostly east and west coast big cities to see there is a whole other part of America. Farmer Terry, whose property we were on, came by, giving us the opportunity to ask questions about farm life in the United States. We learned that Farmer Terry and his family owned 3,000 acres of farmland, which is incredible.












Soon thereafter, we arrived in Dodge City. Once we checked in to the hotel, we had free time to swim and play outside. After dinner, we hopped on the bus and listened to the classic song Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the way to the local Dairy Queen. It was quite the Etgar 36 social event.




Everyone enjoyed downtime with Blizzards and sundaes, but when we returned to the hotel, it was time for another framing discussion. We explored same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in America, with Mike leading the conversation. Some of the topics we covered were religious views, family values, and homosexuality in professional sports, all of which I found to be interesting.





DSC04920Tomorrow, the journey continues onward to Denver!