Etgar 36

Day 1- Atlanta

The 2015 journey has begun!


29 teens flew in to Atlanta and joined 3 local teens as we started our 36 day journey. We spent a few minutes going over some of the expectations we had for the summer as far as behavior and then had some ice breaker games.


Once we got to know each other through some group dynamics we went to dinner for pizza and salad. After the dinner we watched a independent film called “The Journey” made by a young man, Eric Saperston, in the mid 1990s. It documents his travel across America interviewing powerful and famous people about what advice they would give the younger generation concerning what is important in life. I had met Eric and his film was an inspiration for creating Etgar 36.


When the film was over I surprised the teens by having Eric, the film maker, Skype in and speak with the group. He gave advice for how to best take advantage of our road trip.

We got back to the hotel and everyone went to bed for some sleep and to really begin our journey on Monday!