Etgar 36

Day 12- Salt Lake City

– Ben Maloney

We woke up from the overnight trip and went into the JCC of Salt Lake City. At the JCC, we got breakfast, hung out, worked out and got refreshed from the overnight trip.

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The view of the mountains was incredible, and some of the kids even went climbing. From there we went to meet with Clark Aposian, a gun rights lobbyist, at a firing range. He talked to us about guns, and the fact that Utah had some of the most lax gun laws in the country. His talk was a counter to the meeting we had with gun control advocate, Tom Mauser, a few days ago. Clark spoke about the need to protect ourselves and how when there are lower restrictions to guns we see crime and violence go down.

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They gave us an exhibition by firing different guns and showing us the capabilities, how loud they were, and how much damage they could do, even on cardboard. 


From there we went to Temple Square, the hub of Mormon life in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is the first place Mormons found a permanent home. So, Mormonism is very important to the city and its culture. Billy gave us a quick lesson in the traditions and customs of people of the Mormon faith, and told us that we couldn’t enter the actual Temple because it was reserved only for Mormons. Four female missionaries, one from Spain, one from Chile, one from the Philippines, and one from the Marshall Islands took us on a tour of some of the holy sites of Temple Square, including a church, and outside the temple.

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They answered any questions that we had about the religion, and their experiences. Afterwards, our group went to a museum in Temple Square to learn more about Mormonism, and we even saw a replica of the Temple. After that we saw a statue of Jesus with a psychedelic painting of the universe in the background.


Being as tired as we were from the long overnight trip, we went straight back to the hotel to take a bit of a rest before we had dinner. We had  Mexican food delivered from a local restaurant, and were all in bed by 8 o’clock to get a good nights sleep before a hike in Zion National Park.