Etgar 36

Day 21- San Francisco

– Bradley Fleishman

My last day of the trip was a very interesting one. Everyone including myself loved San Francisco. We started the day at the San Francisco Library with a discussion with John Lavine, the former Dean of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He talked about the future of technology and how our media has changed over the years.

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The part that really amazed me was how there were so many questions the group had. I was also very amazed about how much we rely on technology every day of our lives. I found it very interesting how media has changed so much over time. This discussion affected everyone in the group because of what we are going to experience with technology in 20 years. Later, we visited Haight Ashbury and the Castro District. Billy spoke to us about the Hippie/ counter culture of the 60s and the Haight neighborhood.


The Castro District was very lively! Seeing the rainbow crosswalks and rainbow flags was amazing to see especially after the recent Supreme Court Ruling on gay marriage.


Later, we went to a beautiful park in San Francisco and discussed our day in the city. We wrapped up the day at an Italian restaurant and then went back to our hotel to pack up for Chicago. Sadly, some of us will not be traveling to Chicago. Instead, they will be traveling home to their respective cities. It’s been a great trip and we will miss you!¬†