Etgar 36

Day 29- New York, Boston

– Eli Shapiro

I personally started off the day by waking up late and missing breakfast. After missing breakfast, the whole group went to Central Park to discuss our feelings about New York. In my discussion group, I argued with a New Yorker about if my hometown Chicago or New York City is better. After that, we went to lunch. Some of us went to up Panera Bread and some of us went to a Cuban Sandwich place. After lunch, we went to church in Brooklyn. Yes, you read that correctly. We went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Gospel Church. Contrary to my concerns, praising the lord wasn’t that bad. There actually was an extremely profound sense of community, and huge choir had an incredibly inspiring harmony. Many people from the congregation sung along in all the songs, and I also tried to sing along. It was interesting because my voice didn’t stand out but just blended in with the voices of everybody in the church to contribute in making that divine harmony. After church, we went on the bus to make our way to Boston. I ended up taking a nap on the bus while listening to some of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I eventually got woke up upon our arrival in Providence where we would all split up and eat dinner while exploring the college town. After Providence, we arrived at our hotel in Boston. We had a bit of a debate about the what is the most effective economical system and how taxes should be distributed to prepare us for our talks about income inequality with United For a Fair Economy in Boston on Monday and the Heritage Foundation in DC on Friday.