Etgar 36

Day 4- Birmingham, Memphis

-Rem Hellmann

Today was the fourth day of traveling. It also happened to be my favorite day of Etgar so far. We started the day off at a hotel in Birmingham, Alabama and drove four hours making our way towards Memphis, Tennessee. Billy and Eli decided that we would stop after two hours of driving at Elvis’ birth home. After taking a break and eating Subway (my favorite) we finished our trek to Memphis.

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Once arriving in Memphis we stopped at one of the most prestigious recording studios in the history of music. This studio is Sun Studio founded by Sam Phillips.

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There we learned all about Sam Phillips, his upbringing, who he discovered, and how he impacted music. A few examples of the musicians that Sam founded were BB King (my personal favorite artist of all time), Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins. Afterwards I decided that it was my favorite tour of all time because it was interactive and very interesting. We then drove to Beale Street which happens to be where a lot of black people played during the 50’s and 60’s and where Blues was founded.


We explored with a partner. This allowed me to listen to a street blues band live. One of the bands had a lead singer who also played harmonica, the best harmonica that I have ever heard. It was really funny because in one hand he had his harmonica and microphone and in the other a cigarette. Billy told me, “If you ask all the performers who play in the bars, they will tell you that the people who play on the road are much better than themselves.” I thought that comment was really interesting.

We then headed to the Rock and Roll Museum which gave me a more in depth description on the founding of Rock and Roll and Blues. 


Finally we ended the day at a blues club on Beale Street where we ate great food. More importantly we were abel to listen to a live band on the street where rock and roll was created and had a dance party. 

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Some of us were even able to get on stage and perform.

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It was a great night on Etgar 36!