Etgar 36

Day 37- Washington, DC

– Jennifer Gray

We left the hotel early this morning and headed to meet with AIPAC, whose main goal is to keep strong relations between Israel and the United States. We also learned about their views against the Iran deal. While some of their views could be considered controversial, it was interesting to hear people speak so passionately about something they care about, something we have seen throughout this trip.

IMG_2128 IMG_2131

We then went to the Jefferson memorial to think about the man who helped create the country we have been traveling around for the last month. Sadly, Julia and Hunter had to say goodbye as they headed home. After picking up sandwiches at Wawa, we hit the road again and headed to Charlotte. It was a long 6 hours in the bus but we spent time napping and entertained ourselves by watching “The Way Way Back.”

We stopped for dinner in Charlotte and got sandwiches, salads, or pizza and then headed to he hotel. Back at the hotel, we had a final, bittersweet wrap up meeting.  We all reflected on the trip as a whole, the friendships we made, and the skills we learned. Personally, while looking back on this trip, I thought abut the first week when we were all acquaintances compared to now, when we are family. Many of us reflected on how our minds have expanded and we are now open to considering other opinions. After reminders throughout the entire trip, we also all improved on our nonverbal communication skills like eye contact, and this is definitely a skill we will all take with us.

Overall, this has been an incredible and thought provoking experience that we will never forget. It’s going to be sad these next few weeks to not wake up to a friend’s smiling face and boarding the bus to explore. The memories and connections we have made this summer, however, will help us ease back into reality after this amazing opportunity.