Etgar 36

Day 1: Atlanta

By 3 PM on Sunday, 30 people from all over America gathered in Atlanta and the 2016 Etgar 36 summer journey had officially begun!

After the ice breakers we went to Mama Nikki’s for a pizza and salad dinner.

We then came back to the synagogue where we showed a documentary called “The Journey” (


This film was a major influence on the creation Etgar 36. It is about a young man who goes across the country interviewing powerful and famous people about advice they have for the younger generation. I became friends with the film maker and his crew, including Kathleen the Cinematographer. She surprised the group by coming in to say hello at the end of the movie and answered the kids’ questions about the movie.


She also gave some advice and encouragement to our group as we set out on our journey.