Etgar 36

Day 4: Tupelo & Memphis

By Aaron Mantell:

The first section of today was composed of the bus ride from Birmingham to Memphis, which was a good chance to grow closer to the rest of the members of Etgar. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected.

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We stopped at Elvis’ birth home in Tupelo to see the house in which he was born as well as got lunch.

Then the rest of the day was spent in Memphis just exploring the famous Beale Street. Memphis was actually such an incredible city. The culture and the vibes you can feel in this city are sick. The city is based on its music culture and history, and to me personally, it’s so amazing.
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We visited Sun Studio, which was probably one of the coolest experiences ever. You can feel the power within that building. Seeing the tools and instruments used in making musical history made me feel as though I could imagine icons like Elvis Presley standing there recording their music.
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At night we went to a restaurant and witnessed some live, local blues music. They really exemplified the culture of Memphis. Three of our own members of Etgar got on stage and performed for the whole place. Today really got me excited for the rest of the trip.