Etgar 36

Day 12: Salt Lake City

By Jack Tresh:

After a long night of little sleep on the bus to Utah, our group stopped at the JCC in Salt Lake City for a few hours for breakfast and to regroup. Everyone was still a bit tired but we fought through. Some of us worked out, some played basketball, and others just hung out.

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We then went to lunch at an enormous Whole Foods, and after that we were on our way to a local shooting range. We had a discussion with Clark Aposhian, a member of the NRA and local Utah lobbyist for gun rights.

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This talk counter balanced the discussion we had in Denver with Tom Mauser who is a gun control advocate. It was interesting to hear both sides of an issue. Needless to say, we had a lot of questions and engaged for a very long time in the discussions about guns and violence in America. After that, we headed to one of the shooting stalls, and he demonstrated some guns for us.

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We then drove over to the Mormon Church and spoke with two sister missionaries who had come from different countries to volunteer for their church.

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They showed us a lot of unique things about the Mormon culture and church, like the history of the religion and the acoustics in their tabernacle. It was interesting to understand a religion that is often the joked about and misunderstood. After learning about their interesting culture, we headed into the visitors’ center and saw a large statue of Jesus, who is a very important figure in the Mormon religion. We went back to the hotel around dinner time to eat and try to get some sleep for the next day which awaits us.