Etgar 36

Day 14: Zion National Park & Grand Canyon

-Brett Fogel

When I first noticed that we were going to the Grand Canyon, I remembered the other two times that I have been there. The first time I was a little kid, and the second time I went with my family and grandparents. I had low expectations after having been there twice already. In the beginning of the day, we all woke up. Then we got ready for the day by eating breakfast. I had a waffle and had some apple juice. We got on the bus to go to the Grand Canyon and we were told that we were going to the north rim. On the bus ride there, I was listening to music on my phone while others were talking amongst each other. When the bus stopped we got out of the bus and had lunch at a deli. I had two slices of pizza there. Then, as a group, we started towards the canyon. Even though it was my third time there, it still amazed me.


While I was walking on the trail, I felt like the canyon was getting bigger.

IMG_4816 IMG_4821 IMG_4825

We had a couple of breaks on our hike.


On one of the breaks, Billy decided that everyone should take the moment to appreciate nature.

IMG_4831 IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4837

We all picked a spot and reflected on where we were. After that, we all got together and had a moment of meditation to try to clear our minds and to use as a way of relieving stress during the school year. After the meditation, we turned back and went to the bus.


From the bus, we went back to the hotel and had some free time to relax before dinner. We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and I had Mongolian beef and some fried rice. After dinner, we had another thirty minutes to relax before the group saw a documentary called “I Am”. The documentary was about how all humans are connected, and how love can be more powerful than survival of the fittest. This was a way to introduce our theme of can we find the spirituality we found in nature in a big city like Las Vegas, where we are going next, and in our fellow human being. After the film, we went back to our rooms for the night.