Etgar 36

Day 15: Las Vegas

By Shane Fedorov:

Today was a big traveling day, so we spent a lot of time on the bus. The bus can be fun because you can see the scenery outside changing from city to city and state to state. When we arrived in Las Vegas, we went to our hotel, The Orleans, for a quick bathroom break.

IMG_4869 IMG_4872 IMG_4873 IMG_4874

After that, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

IMG_6847 IMG_6845 IMG_6843

We tried going to see the Hoover Dam, but the bus was too heavy with all of our suitcases so they wouldn’t let us drive in. Instead, we just went as close as we could to it, and even though we couldn’t actually see the dam, we had a nice view of Lake Meade, which provides water to a large portion of the region. The water levels there are much lower than they used to be, which is causing problems to those who rely on it for water. We then had a few hours of free time back at the hotel. Our hotel has a lot of entertainment, such as a nice swimming pool, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and gambling if you’re old enough, which of course none of the campers on the trip are. It was interesting seeing so much indoor smoking; I’ve never seen so much of it anywhere else in this country. For dinner, we went to a buffet in our hotel that had a large variety of options from different international cuisines.

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After dinner, we had a little bit of free time before going out to explore the Las Vegas strip. We first saw the volcano at the Mirage hotel, and after that we went into the Venetian to shop around.They had it decorated inside so it looked we were actually outside in Italy. Afterwards, we went inside Caesar’s Palace to look around.

IMG_4902 IMG_4900 IMG_4891

Lastly, we saw an amazing fountain show outside the Bellagio before heading back to the hotel for the night.