Etgar 36

Day 21: San Francisco

By Dylan Swickle:

With a sad start to this journal entry, I have to recognize that one of the staff, Max, left today. We had to say goodbye last night as he would be heading back home this morning. Max, to me, was a great staff member and I really enjoyed him on my trip.  He added a lot to the experience. From the things he taught us at the national parks, Memphis and other cities to the talks on the microphone on the bus even when nobody could hear him, he always made me laugh and I learned a lot from him. Anyway, the events of the day consisted of a talk on the future of media, lunch in the Haight Ashbury area, and time in the Castro district. We were able to explore a lot of San Fransisco, and to top it all off we stayed at Hotel Mosser.

IMG_5136 IMG_5140
First we talked to Mr. John Lavine, former Dean of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Mr. Lavine spoke about the future of media and how to be a savvy consumer of media, and I found what he was talking about interesting. He spoke about all the new technologies coming out, like driverless cars and a pill that you swallow that will send reports to your doctor, which just amazed me. I thought he was going to be talking about what to look out for when purchasing technology and showing us concepts of technology that big corporations have planned for the future. He spoke with us about the future of phones and how things like Siri will be able to look through your calendar and other apps and tell you where to go without our control. I was fascinated by what I was being told, and being a huge technology guy I always like being updated with the newest additions to the technology we have in our day. However, one thing to remember is that you should not lament the amount of technology in our lives because it isn’t going to go away and we will always have it when we need it. He said, “that will not change, and they will  impact your life forever.”

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When we arrived at Haight Ashbury by bus, we met up for some background information on the area and then broke out for free time. We were given lunch money in pairs and had an hour and a half to explore the neighborhood and have lunch. Along with Taylor, Sari, Caroline, and David, I first went for lunch at a delicious crêpe place. I got a Nutella, banana, and whipped cream crêpe. We then went out to explore the area.  We went into a bunch of stores and gift shops and just took in the area.

IMG_5146 IMG_5148

The next area we went into was the Castro District.


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When we arrived at the Castro District, we went to the Human Rights Campaign gift shop to browse, and then we spoke to a representative of the organization. Interestingly enough, the gift shop where the camera shop of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to run for a government position, used to be. The man we spoke with from the Human Rights Campaign told us about human rights and the progress made in San Francisco, and then we heard a little bit about Harvey Milk and how he came to be a part of the fight for gay rights.  After that, we were given some free time to enjoy the Castro District. We could walk around, eat food, buy gifts, and have fun.  We then headed back to the hotel where we had some free time.

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Afterwards, we headed to the park for a wrap-up and to give a final farewell to Rebecca, David, and Jacob as they are going home tomorrow. We then headed to a local diner for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. Today was a great day full of adventure and fun and I sure did have a blast!