Etgar 36

Day 26: New York City

By Dylan Swickle:

Today’s day started at an early 7:30am. We headed down to breakfast where we had to order the food and then eat it which took forever. We were supposed to leave at 7:30 but ended up leaving at 8:10. Although it was a long wait, for me, it was worth it, partially because I was so hungry!

Anyways, when we got onto the bus we were headed for a four and a half hour journey from Clarion, Pennsylvania to New York City, New York! About¬† approximately two and a half hours in, we stopped at an interesting gas station called Wawa. It had a cool restaurant system inside it where you order subs, panini’s, salads, and other food items. We all ordered sandwiches and then headed back onto the bus. We ate our sandwiches and watched the movie called “Keeping the Faith” which is about two people, one a rabbi and one a priest,¬† that are close friends that find out that another close friend to both of them has returned to New York City as a beautiful corporate executive and they have both fallen in love with her, and there in forms an unusual love-triangle.

Since I am leaving Etgar 36 2016 on Sunday, this would be my last time on the bus and I had to gather all my things. Even though I wouldn’t be returning to the bus, this didn’t mean that I was ending my time on the trip. I still have two days and a morning to be with my friends and make new experiences, and I can’t wait for what is to come.


When we arrived in NYC our first destination was the hotel. When we arrived, we had to take our laundry from the bus across the street to the laundromat and then we took our bags to our rooms, we were also given an hour to relax in our rooms and hang out with other people.


When that time was up. We walked about two miles to the theatre in which we would be seeing “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. We spoke about timing and headed off for free time to experience New York City a little bit and grab some dinner. We all regathered at about 6:30 to talk a bit about the show and then were given our tickets to get into the theatre.


When we arrived at our seats, pretty high up but still able to see the stage, the show started within fifteen minutes. The show is about a fifteen year old who found out his neighbors dog had a fatal death and wants to get to the bottom of it, which leads to a earth-shattering discovery and a journey that will change his life forever. I truly enjoyed him this show and would recommend it to everyone.


We then headed back to the hotel this time by using the subway, one thing I can say is that it is pretty get down there, but it was still a good experience even though I have used it before since I live in New York. I had a great day today and can’t wait for what comes next!