Etgar 36

Day 33: Washington DC

By Nathan Davis:


We started our day in Washington, D.C. by discussing the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana in preparation for our talk with N.O.R.M.L, a foundation advocating for legalization of marijuana. We spoke about the pros and cons of full legalization as well as mandatory minimums. This was one of the issues in which the group was truly divided.
We then went downtown and had lunch in the Chinatown neighborhood of DC.
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After that, we went to Greenpeace, an organization for the protection of the environment and the counterpart to the climate discussion we had with climate change denier Jim Pfaff since they believe in anthropogenic climate change. It was great to hear them speak as it cleared up some information on one of the most polarizing issues in the world today. Greenpeace began as a loose affiliation of people who went out to save some whales and has turned into one of the major environmental organizations.
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Following our talk with Greenpeace, we made our way to J Street to discuss the future of Israel and the pros of a 2 state solution. JStreet is a Pro Israel group that advocates for a two state solution.They taught us about issues surrounding the “green line” and the America/Israel relationship.I found this talk very interesting because I had never thought that a 2 state solution was ever an achievable goal especially with Israel starting to make settlements in the West Bank. This issue will be further discussed on Monday when we meet with AIPAC.
We ended our day in Georgetown where we shopped and ate dinner. Overall, today was busy and very interesting. I’m excited to see what else Washington, D.C. has to offer.