Etgar 36

Day 8: Oklahoma City & Dodge City

By Freddie Wilson:

Before we left Oklahoma City in the morning, the group had a discussion about climate change. We discussed the difference between global warming and climate change, arguments for and against if climate change is caused by humans, and the debate over what the government should do, if anything.


We then left Oklahoma City for Dodge City, Kansas. We spent most of day on the bus making our way to Dodge City. We made numerous stops along the way, including on the side of the road in Oklahoma to check out the wind turbines.

IMG_4328 IMG_4330 IMG_4334

We also stopped at Walmart. Our last stop was on the side of the road in Kansas, where we got to hang out for a bit in the flat fields and learned about the dust bowl.

IMG_4341 IMG_4339 IMG_4358

We then finally made it to Dodge City, which is a pretty small town. After eating dinner, we had another discussion. This one was on marriage equality in America. This was to prepare us for our meeting in Colorado Springs with a man who is against gay marriage. We talked about religious freedom in business and the role of the states vs. federal government. It was a great day. We are off to Denver tomorrow to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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