Etgar 36

2017 Day One – Begin the Journey

The 2017 Etgar 36 Summer Journey has officially begun.

Around 4 PM the teens who flew in met up with the teens who were dropped off locally and finally our entire group was unified. 

An amazing thing happened when the staff had to step out of the room for a second…the participants immediately organized their own ice breakers!The program was officially begun by showing a clip from the movie “The American President” that discusses the challenges and responsibilities  of being a citizen in this country. After that we had some more group dynamics and then dinner.

After dinner we watched a movie that helped inspire the creation of Etgar 36. It is a documentary called “The Journey” in which a young man goes across America interviewing powerful and inspiring people about advice they would give the younger generation. After the movie we surprised the teens with one of the main people from the movie, who has been a friend of mine, came and spoke to the teens. 

 While everyone was tired from a day of travel, we are all excited for a packed and exciting Monday.