Etgar 36

2017 Day Eight – Oklahoma and Kansas

by Perri Schwartz

Today, we spent most of our day headed to Dodge City, Kansas so it was more of a relaxation day and a stopover before Colorado. First, in the morning, we had a environmental discussion and talked about climate change and other global issues. We talked about all different opinions. 

Later, in the middle of our drive, we got off the bus twice. The first was to look up close at some wind turbines and then to play out in the wide open plains and to learn about the Dust Bowl and look out and see the middle of America.

We also relaxed in our hotel, had pizza for dinner, went to Dairy Queen which is an Etgar tradition, and had a discussion about both sides of the tough issue of gay marriage and marriage equality. Tomorrow, we are driving to spend our next day in Denver, Colorado!