Etgar 36

2017 Day Fifteen – Las Vegas 

by Jenna Pick

It’s Sunday morning and we’re on our way to famous Las Vegas. It’s amazing to see the buildings and the people here since it’s my first time. We’re having lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet style place, and everyone seems to really enjoy themselves. The Orleans is the hotel we’re staying at and although we obviously can’t gamble, it’s amazing to explore the hotel and see the bowling alley and arcade. 
In my opinion, the most empowering part of this trip so far has been hearing Scott Fried; he really made an impact on the way I view myself and those around me. Every word he said today really captivated my mind and helped me find the words to emotions I’ve never been able to express. Another crucial part of our trip has been learning the importance of safe sex and what a school setting should be teaching, and Scott showed us the importance of the knowledge and being protected. 
Lastly we walked around Vegas- it’s hot and dry and beautiful.
Overall, today has been so meaningful to me in so many ways, from hearing Scott’s words, to waking along the Las Vegas Strip, I’ve experienced one great part of the world. In addition, a tip for everyone from today is to really think about our actions and how little things go a long way because everything matters.