Etgar 36

2017 Day Fourteen – Grand Canyon

by Noah Schulman

Today is July 8, about two weeks into our trip. Today we are going to the Grand Canyon, which is astonishing considering how far we’ve come in only two weeks. The day started with an eight am wake up call. After a quick breakfast, we headed out on the bus towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
We ate our lunch and then the wait was over. As we walked through the lodge out to the viewing area, we were presented with what may be the most beautiful view in America. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before, and I always thought that people overrated it. I was blown away by the view. It was so amazing that I had to wait a couple of minutes just to take it all in.
We took a three mile hike along the North Rim and stopped at multiple places for pictures. It was special to be able to share the experience as a group. Being together for two weeks has allowed us to share this incredible experience together. We took a minute to sit and listen to the silence. It was one of the most calm and peaceful minutes of my life. As we described what we felt, we mentioned ourselves as small, and how true silence may be something we won’t experience very often in our lives.

As we had some free time to take pictures, I started to think how long will it be until I see something this beautiful again. Without a doubt this was the highlight of my trip.
We got on the bus and started the two hour journey back to the hotel. We watched a movie I can’t even remember the name of because I fell asleep. We ate dinner at a Chinese place which I actually enjoyed a lot. We had free time back at the hotel to chill and spend time with friends.
We then met to watch the documentary “I Am”. This documentary was hard to take in. It gave me so many revolutionary thoughts that I couldn’t completely understand the movie. I will probably have to watch it again to fully understand everything that was said. The movie spoke about how we are all connected and that science and religion are discovering this in so many ways. It was so powerful with the simple sentence that said taking up more space and resources than you need is cancer to our world. It was something I had never really thought about before, and I can only imagine how different our world would be if everyone watched that documentary.
That brought the end of quite a remarkable day for our group. As we prepare to move on to Las Vegas, we will always take with us the memories we made today.