Etgar 36

Day 19 – San Francisco

by Gordon Fairborn

Today we drove up the coast to San Francisco. We ended up leaving the hotel at around 8:45 am. We drove for awhile, the bus was pretty dead (with everyone asleep) until we hit Santa Barbra, where we stopped off for lunch. My group went to this Hawaiian poke bowl place, and the food was amazing. We hopped back in the bus after lunch, and drove for another hour or so. Then, we stopped off for a stretch break along the San Luis Obispo beach. It was really nice! At this point we were maybe halfway way there. The rest of the ride was a relatively relaxing filled with good conversations and sleep.
When we finally arrived in San Francisco, we went to our hotel, said goodbye to Ervin (as he goes on to drive to Chicago), and made our way downtown for dinner. Some of us went to Chinatown, and the others split off for Italian food in the North End. Seeing San Francisco at night was really eye opening to me. The lights and buildings were insane, although there was clearly also a lot of poverty. Overall, the day was a pretty relaxing and fun. Finally making it to San Francisco at night was a great way to wrap up the day!