Etgar 36

Group Trip Comments

“Every day I kept thinking that it couldn’t get any better and then the next day topped everything before it.”

“America became our playground.”

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and how you have changed me.”

“The trip helped me realize how other people think and that I need to understand other people’s point of view.”

“I now have the confidence to think my own thoughts and speak up about what I think.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for giving these kids an incredible gift. Our daughter had the most incredible journey and from what I have seen, the trip will have a lasting effect on how she sees the world around her.”

“Thank you so much for returning my daughter home safely.  She has come home charged as a Jewish and  American teen, with new perspectives, fabulous new friends and a new sense of autonomy and independence.  And, by the way, she had FUN along the journey.”

Etgar 36 has pivoted during the virus and is now offering three experiences

MindTrips: An Online Discussion Series Presented by Etgar 36


Socially Distanced
1 Day & 2 Day Civil Rights Journeys

Montgomery ~ Selma ~ Birmingham

Because some things need to be experienced in person


Virtual Conversations for Your
Groups on the Following Topics:

Jews and Blacks in the Civil Rights Era and Now

How to be Comfortable Having Uncomfortable Conversations