Etgar 36

Get on the Road and
Learn About History,
Politics, and Activism

Journey Nationally... Act Locally

Etgar 36 is dedicated to developing your group’s political and social justice voice by taking them on the journey of our lifetime.

Turn a common sightseeing trip into a journey of equity, equality, social and political justice

Learn the lessons from the past and how to apply them to current issues.

Adult, Empty Nesters, & Youth Groups

The Etgar 36 staff serves as educators, discussion leaders, & logistic planners for your trip.

Private & Public School Groups and Clubs

Expand your students’ minds and world by taking them on a journey during the school year!

Religious and
Inter-Religious Groups

We provide participants with the tools and inspiration to take the next step beyond social action.

Interest Groups,
Groups of Friends

Our mission is to sharpen our participants’ social and political awareness, etc.

Pick Your Dates

We have 3 different itineraries for our Civil Rights journey:

– Thursday night – Sunday
– Sunday through Tuesday
– Monday through Wednesday

Any Size Group
from 20 - 150 people

Our journeys can be for any type of group. From adults or teen groups from religious institutions, inter-religious and/or inter-racial groups, boards of organizations, to groups of friends.

We have a minimum of 20 all the way up to 150 people. Approximately 52 people fill one bus.

Have Questions?

Read through our list of some of the most frequently asked questions about our civil rights journeys and how to organize a trip for your group.

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Schools & organizations that have taken an Etgar journey
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Past participants on one of Etgar's Civil Rights Journeys