Etgar 36

FAQs About Your Trip


Minimum/maximum people for a trip

Our minimum is 20 people. One bus can accommodate a maximum of 52 people from the group. Groups often find other groups to partner with in order to get to the minimum.

What is the role Of Etgar 36?

Etgar 36 will take care of all the trip logistics except for flights, as well as have a trip educator with your group the whole time, serving as educator/contextualizer for the experience. Your group will register through your group and pay your group. Then, your group will send in one payment to Etgar 36. We do not have any registration material. Each group has handled that on their own. 

Do we have to be an organization to run a trip?

No. We take any group with a minimum of 20 people. We have had family reunions, groups of friends, college reunions, etc. come on our Civil Rights journey. We need one person to be the organizer of your group. That person needs to coordinate everyone signing up and paying and then sending it all to us as one mailing. People will not send us individual payments. 

Do we run trips for groups that are mixed race, faith, and/or age?

Yes. We have extensive experience running trips for all types of groups.

Do you handle registration?

The group handles its own registration internally. The group collects the registration information it needs and payments. Etgar 36 only needs to get a rooming list (which rooms need one bed vs. two beds) and any food issues from the group organizer. The group will send Etgar 36 one payment for the deposit and one payment as the final payment.

Do you have P.R. material for us to use?

Each group has done their own publicity for their trip and customized it for their group. So, we don’t have material for you. 

Do you provide a packing list?

There is no dress code or requirements. Participants should pack for comfort and for the weather. We will be outside quite a lot during the trip, and there are important parts that we can’t avoid being outside (such as walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma). If your group is going to Friday night services, the synagogue is fine with us showing up how we were dressed for the day. They know we have been traveling and seeing sites. They are just so happy to welcome us. For the church service, we recommend long pants (jeans are fine) and a basic top (no graphic T-shirts) or sweater.

Do you provide trip insurance?

We do not provide trip insurance. Interested individuals will need to find their own trip insurance.



How much walking is involved?

The longest walk is across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. It is a ΒΌ mile and an arc. The bus will go across the bridge and people can choose to ride across rather than walk. Most of the other walking is in museums, and there are wheelchairs for those that need at the museums.

What are the bus ride lengths?

Atlanta to Montgomery is a 2-hour 15-minute ride. Montgomery to Selma is 1 hour. Selma to Birmingham is an hour and a half. Birmingham to Atlanta is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Mobility issues?

We can accommodate scooters under the bus, and the steps on the bus do kneel. We do need to know in advance if we need a bus with a lift.



Can you provide kosher meals?

We can run trips that are dairy and vegetarian only. We are not able to provide hechshered food. The group needs to make arrangements for hechshered food if that is required.


Can you handle food issues?

We are in the deep South for your trip but can accommodate the following food needs:

  • Vegetarian
  • Nut allergies
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Vegan (snacks/supplemental food should be brought by the participant)
  • Dairy/vegetarian only



Do you do other cities?

We are focused exclusively on the Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham routes of our journey. We do not include additional cities. Groups can add to their journey before or after the areas we cover.

Can we add hands-on social action projects?

Our schedule is packed, and time is very tight, so we do not have hands-on social action projects. Rather, we use our journey as a way to empower and inspire participants to go back to their local communities and get involved there. To do the work in their own backyard.

If we are doing a trip that begins on Sunday or Monday morning, can the group show up the day before?

Yes, but this needs to be planned and run by the group. This is not part of the fee for our trips.

Things to do in Atlanta the day before the trip include The Center For Civil & Human Rights, The Aquarium, The World Of Coke, and The College Football Hall of Fame. All of these are walkable to each other in an area of Atlanta called Centennial Olympic Park.

Hotels in that area include Hilton Garden Inn Downtown (on Baker Street), Springhill Suites Downtown, Aloft Downtown, Embassy Suites Centennial Park, and Hyatt Place Centennial Park.  

If your group is flying in the night before, we recommend staying at either the Marriott Atlanta Airport Gateway (it has a tram that goes directly to and from the airport) or the Holiday Inn Express Hapeville on N. Central Blvd, as it has a free shuttle from the airport. We can have the bus pick the group up at a hotel in the morning (we can’t make multiple pick-ups). People in your group choosing not to stay at the hotel with the group should plan to be at the hotel in the morning or meet us at Ebenezer Baptist Church located at 101 Jackson Street. 



Do you have any curriculum for us to do as pre-trip preparation?

We do not. If your group is going to do pre-trip education/prep, we recommend that you focus on local Civil Rights history and issues that are relevant to your group and community. We will cover the history and issues relating to Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham and the 1950s/60s Civil Rights movement while on the trip so it would be advantageous for any pre-trip education to not be about this as it will get repetitive.