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Adult, Youth, School, Synagogue Group Civil Rights Journey

Read an article by Billy Planer about the Etgar 36 philosophy on social action trips.

Civil Rights Signature Journey to the American South

Etgar 36 is about stories. On my journey, I heard the stories of many that became the story of one- the story of America.” – Elena H. 

Etgar 36 uses the Civil Rights narrative as a way to provide participants with the tools and inspiration to take the next step beyond social action: social activism.

Our Civil Rights journey uses the history, sites, and current issues as a springboard to highlight the relationship, and at times, the tension, of the Jewish and American identity. The journeys are a mix of fun, sightseeing, education, and meetings with organizations and people who have been and are still involved in creating America.

Southeast Civil Rights Journey

Theme: “For We Were Once Strangers in a Strange Land”

Participants will learn about the struggles of African Americans to gain equality in the 1950s & 60s as well as discover how Jews were involved in the Civil Rights struggle. Participants will walk away understanding why Jews, as people who have known oppression, must care and act when others are oppressed. The journey can include Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham. Visits include the Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum and Memorial to the victims of lynching, Freedom Park, the site where Leo Frank was lynched, the Rosa Parks Museum, the Martin Luther King Center/Auburn Ave. district, Ebenezer Baptist Church, walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and the 16th Street Baptist Church.

Journey Nationally… Act Locally

Turn a common sightseeing trip into a journey of Jewish & American identity, politics and social activism.

Adult, Empty Nesters, & Youth Groups

The Etgar 36 staff serves as educators, discussion leaders, & logistic planners for your trip.

Private & Public School Groups and Clubs

Expand your students’ minds and world by taking them on a journey during the school year!

Religious and inter-religious Groups

We provide participants with the tools and inspiration to take the next step beyond social action.

Interest Groups, Groups of friends

Our mission is to sharpen our participants’ social and political awareness, etc.

About Our Civil Rights Journey  

The Etgar 36 staff serves as educators, discussion leaders, and logistic planners for your Journey. We take care of every aspect of your Journey, including transportation, meals, housing, site seeing, and education. We will also serve as tour guides along with the local contacts we have in each city you will visit. 

Our goal is to inspire and empower your group to find their voice, get involved in the Jewish tradition of social activism, and create change in your local community using the lessons they learn on the road.

Imagine, all you need to do to give your group an experience they will always remember is to contact us!